Panasonic Water Dispenser BL Touchless with UV Sterilization

BHD 142.900 Inclusive of all taxes

Key features:

  1. Dual Touchless

  2. Digital Touch Control

  3. UV Sterilization

  4. Child Safety Lock

  5. 3 in 1 Spout

  6. Temperature Setting Option

  7. Night Light

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Product Details

The Panasonic SDM-WD3531BG is a bottom-loading water dispenser that offers hot, cold, and normal water options. It has a sleek stainless steel finish and a child safety lock for the hot water faucet. The dispenser also has a double safety device to prevent overheating.

The Panasonic SDM-WD3531BG Key features:

Dual Touchless: Dispense cold or room temperature water without touching by placing palm over the sensor.

Digital Touch Control: Touch button option for cold, normal and hot water.

UV Sterilization: Sterilization function that can eliminate bacteria in a cold water tank.

Child Safety Lock: Hot water lock option for child safety. Press the “Lock” button 3 seconds to activate it and to unlock long press the “Hot” button.

3 in 1 Spout: Single spout for cold, normal and hot water.

Temperature Setting Option: Set preferred cold water temperature from 4 - 15 C and hot water from 79 - 90 C.

Night Light: Illuminated faucet convenient for fetching water at night.

Dimensions: 310 x 360 x 1040 mm

The Panasonic SDM-WD3531BG is a stylish and practical water dispenser that is perfect for any home or office. It is easy to use and maintain, and it provides you with instant access to hot, cold, and normal water.

Capacity20 Liters
TypeWater Dispenser